Divergence to Health

Let’s say you’re traveling along the road to Mental Wellness and you come to a fork.

Fork in the Road

Which way will you go?

In this scenario, if you go to the left, you will find brain trauma, depression, anxiety, inability to focus and other mental disorders or conditions.  You become addicted to mind-altering psychotropic medications. You will spend either your life savings or the American taxpayer’s money on these drugs, (or both), OR…..not to worry because insurance will pay for them! You will damage your liver from all the toxic side effects, and you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel because these drugs will eventually take away your personality and your will to try anymore, making you depressed, anxious and foggy-headed, maybe suicidal! But you don’t care because __________________________?? You will have to finish that sentence.

Now, if you go to the right, you will go through a process that begins to rebuild your health and your mind. It will be uncomfortable sometimes, because anything worthwhile will be a bit stressful, but that is what refines you. The cost of this process will be about 80% less expensive than the scenario to the left, so your life savings is still intact, and the taxpayers’ money can pay for something else, like building new communities and enriching children’s lives. Nope, insurance won’t help you out here. But you heard that you can help advocate that change. Insurance to pay for prevention? Now there’s a thought!   You feel a little excited knowing you could help make that change. After some time, about 3 months, you begin to feel better! You’re not taking as much medication anymore, or not even taking any now, and your mind is clear, you can’t wait to wake up in the morning to tackle your day, and people are asking you how you changed! And you DO care because ______________________??

Are you ready to help change the world?


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